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Welcome to Dr. Toth’s weekly blog! Each so often I will post something related to sports, sports injuries, injury prevention or chiropractic. 

9/12/16 - Nationals pitcher, Stephen Strasburg was recently placed on the disabled list for a "flexor mass strain." A flexor mass stain involves the flexor muscles and pronator teres muscle within the forearm. These are the muscles which bend your wrist and fingers to make a fist and turn your palm over to the back of your hand. These muscles all attach to the medial epicondyle on the inside part of the elbow. This injury is similar "golfers elbow" but the pain is more often within the muscle itself rather than on the tendon. The good news is that his Ulnar collateral ligament (the Tommy John injury) is intact and not torn. Few pitches have been able to recover from two Tommy John surgeries (Strasburg has already had one) and have a successful remainder of their career. The chances of a Tommy John injury increase with a flexor mass strain so I doubt the Nats will risk sending Strasburg back out there this year after all the money they invested in him. 

7/26/2016 - Suffering from heal pain? Most types of heal pain is due to some type of tightness in the calf musculature. Calf stretches can be found here: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/6c/a0/82/6ca082d1c9e15c529661c6f5e3ef185b.jpg. If these stretches don't alleviate the pain then some more aggressive soft tissue (muscle) treatment such as Graston, Active Release Technique or Dry Needling may be required to help loosen up the muscles.

6/1/2016 - Can giving birth through C-section cause low back pain? Yes, during the process of a C-section the abdominal wall gets injured and as a result can become very weak. If this weakness isn't addressed, your low back begins to carry the weight that your core musculature should. Often times the pain subsides as the core musculature gets re-strengthened. 

5/9/2016 - Will someone please pitch to Bryce Harper? Can't really argue with the Cubs strategy though. They won all 4 games vs the Nats.

---Update 8/15/2016: Bryce hasn't been the same since this weekend of walks.---

4/14/2016 - Suffering from knee pain? Most types of knee pain is due to limited knee flexion caused by tight quads. Check your knee's range of motion. Your heals should be able to touch your butt. There are other causes of knee pain but this one is the most common. 

4/4/2016 - Opening Day is here! Go Nats!

3/29/2016 - "As long as I see the Chiropractor, I feel like I'm one step ahead of the game" -Tom Brady QB, New England Patriots 

3/23/2016 - How much sleep are you getting? Studies have shown that athletic performance can be enhanced with increased sleep. Deep sleep helps performance because this is when growth hormone is released. Growth hormone stimulates muscle growth and repair, bone building, fat burning and helps athletes recover. Not getting enough sleep slows the release of growth hormone. If you are training intensely make sure you allow for at least 8-10 hrs of sleep if not more. 

3/16/2015 - Friendly Reminder! With the weather warming up, people often jump back into outdoor athletic activities such as running. It's important to remember to properly warm up and cool down to help prevent injuries!

6/9/2015 - Wearing high heels can cause issues with your low back, hips, knees, ankles and feet. Take a look at this diagram from the Washington Post that shows how high heels impact these areas:


4/28/2015 - How many hours do you sit at work? The Washington Post produced this great graphic of what it's doing to your body. 


1/20/2015 - Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks suffered an elbow hyperextension injury during the NFC championship game. It’s being reported that he has had an MRI on his left elbow and it was ruled an elbow sprain without any torn ligaments or torn tendons. Without knowing the specifics of the injury, if I was trying to get Sherman ready in time for the superbowl I would likely Graston the forearm flexor/extensor muscles and elbow ligaments. I would also apply some type of modality such as cold laser to his elbow ligaments everyday leading up to the game. Without knowing the extent of the injury, it’s hard to say how much better he would get it 2 weeks. I would use a similar treatment plan for any patient with “golfers elbow” or “tennis elbow” as these are sprain/strain injuries of the elbow.  

1/7/2015 - Many people "shut it down" in the winter and don't go outside to exercise or even make it to the gym. Here are two articles from The Washington Post on the benefits of outdoor exercise in the winter and how to do it safely. 



11/20/2014 - How much time would you say you spend looking down at your phone? Did you ever think that your phone smartphone could lead to neck problems? Check out this article on “Text neck” from today’s Washington Post.


11/3/2014 - Update on my post from 10/29/2014 - CT revealed that Romo did in fact suffer 2 small fractures in his low back. The fractures are located on the transverse processes of his lumbar vertebra. Sometimes small fractures do not show up on regular x-rays. This injury is painful but not dangerous. He will likely be able to play with it. 

10/29/2014 - So, many of you may have seen the Dallas Cowboys’ Quarterback, Tony Romo, suffer a back injury versus the Redskins this Monday night and wondered what exactly happened to him and why he was cleared to return. From watching the replay, it was clear that Romo took a direct blow to his back from the Redskin defender’s knee but he was able to walk off the field. The ESPN broadcast made a big deal about the fact that he got hit around the site of his offseason back surgery, but a direct shot to the low back usually only leads to a fracture. He was x-rayed in the locker room and cleared to return after the x-rays revealed no fracture. He was diagnosed with a low back contusion. So he pretty much has got a really bad muscle ache/spasm in his back which likely will limit some of his movement. The extent of his functional mobility and pain tolerance will likely determine if he can play this week.

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