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At Washington Injury and Sports Performance Clinic, we aim to help all Washington, DC, athletes tap into their full physical potential. We offer expert chiropractic care, easily accessible to all residents. Our chiropractor can improve your athletic performance in various ways.
We specialize in injury management and recovery to help our patients regain optimal function, reduce pain, and return to their desired level of physical activity. Our comprehensive approach combines advanced treatment modalities, evidence-based techniques, and personalized care. Learn about how chiropractic care can benefit athletes in the rest of this article.

Improve Athletic Performance

Chiropractors spend years thoroughly studying how the body works. We can use certain techniques to improve body mechanics. These techniques focus specifically on the body’s range of motion.

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Our chiropractor can use massage and therapeutic instruments to restore the ranginess you may have lost due to injury and misalignments. We can bring back your full range of motion, so you can stay dynamic during games. Misalignments in the body diminish your range of motion. If misalignments affect your nerves and muscles, you may need to use your strength more adequately.

Chiropractic adjustments will correct the misalignments affecting your nerves, muscles and restore strength. Fully utilize your body’s capabilities after visiting our chiropractor. Our chiropractor can give you exercise pointers to help you get in better shape, by integrating these exercises into your routine and improving your athletic performance long-term.

Injury Management and Recovery

Our chiropractor can use different tools and techniques to stimulate the soft tissues. This stimulation is important because it facilitates faster recovery. As a result, your body will recognize your injury faster and start working to address it.


We understand the importance of effective pain management during the recovery process. Our healthcare professionals employ techniques such as manual therapy, therapeutic modalities, and targeted interventions to alleviate pain and improve your comfort level.

While recovering, our regular chiropractic treatment regimen will reduce pain. If you have to compete, the treatments provided by our chiropractor should help. These misalignments in your body can help prevent injury prevention.

Become a Better Athlete with Our Chiropractor

Harness your body’s full athletic potential by working closely with our chiropractor. Work with us at Washington Injury and Sports Performance Clinic in Washington, DC, and tap into your body’s true capabilities. Call our clinic at (202) 464-4468 if you want our services!



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Reviews from our satisfied patients

  • Fast, effective, precision, treatment!....and relief! This clinic addresses the cause of your pain (not just the symptoms) - with a combination of innovative soft tissue treatments. You don’t have to live with body pain - thanks, Doc!!

    - Jeffrey
  • Great staff and convenient location. Dr. Glodzik is excellent! He was able to identify where my issues stem from and explain it in a way that made sense. I’m looking forward to working with him to fix these issue and learn preventative measures.

    - Rebecca
  • I’ve had a great experience with WISPC thus far! Convenient location, too!

    - Morgan
  • Washington Injury and sports clinic is amazing! If you are in need of dry needling, please go here. I have gained so much mobility with this treatment!

    - Justin
  • Great clinic with a very convenient location. Dr. Paul was able to identify my back issue, explain what was occurring, and how the treatment should help. I’ve gained a lot of mobility as a result.The clinic is extremely helpful in the event they don’t take your insurance.

    - Andy
  • I highly recommend this Chiropractor as he has miraculously fixed my shoulder and arm from a bad plastic surgery gone wrong. My scar tissue has slowly dissolved & the shoulder muscles are functioning better.The laser therapy coupled with Graston technique has been very effective and the office staff is very comforting too!

    Show More - Nicky
  • I've been a patient of Paul G for over 5 years and he is an expert in many different modalities of pain management. I trust him for my back and disc pain as well as muscular pain. I have been going to chiropractors since 1996 and have never met such a resourceful doctor. I wish he would open an office in northern va. He is excellent! I thank him.

    Show More - Sasha


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