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At Washington Injury and Sports Performance Clinic we believe that treatment of all injuries fall into three separate phases. These phases of treatment are the relief phase, corrective phase and the preventative (wellness) phase.

Relief Phase:

During the initial phase of treatment, which can last between 4-8 weeks with 2-3 treatments a week, our treatment objective is to get you out of pain.

Corrective Phase:

During the corrective phase the patient is no longer feeling pain but the injured tissues need more treatment to completely heal and strengthening exercises to help reduce re-occurrence of the initial injury, this phase usually can last between 1-6 months with treatment occurring between once a week and once a month.

Preventative Phase:

The preventative phase is a continuation of the corrective phase with the objective of preventing an injury from occurring before it happens. This is accomplished by continued specific athletic training and occasional treatments. Any serious athlete should recognize that this phase should continue as long as you are participating in your sport.

New Patients 

Here's what to expect for your new patient visit. 

Patient Portal

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Theraputic Exercises 

If your doctor has asked you to do exercises, you can find them here: 


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